The Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative (PAHSCI)

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Bellwood-Antis High School has been involved in the Pennsylvania High School Coaching Intiative for the past three years. All high school teachers have completed at least PLN 1, a literacy-based course offered through the University of Pennsylvania. The PLN framework centers on the integration of literacy-based instruction in all content areas. There is a special focus on the use of instructional strategies that will encourage student engagement in the classroom.

What does a PLN classroom look like?
Ancillary questions are:
Who is asking the questions?
Whose language is heard in the class?
Whose work is displayed on the walls?

Students are active learners--that's the theme!
If the teacher is doing all the work, he/she is working too hard.
If the teacher is modeling learning, teachers will have done a great service toward educating our students.
--Penn Literacy Network